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From standard echography to robotized tele-echography




Ø A non invasive technique based on ultrasound waves
Ø No risk for the patient
Ø Provide reliable and real time diagnosis
Ø Relatively low cost imaging technique




Ø Lack of experts in echography in medically isolated areas (secondary hospitals, rural areas...)
Ø Difficulty to contact an expert after hours, on week ends, or holidays
Ø Need of second opinion for unusual medical cases




Tele-echography concept:


Ø Needs
* Improve medical coverage
* Maintain high quality healthcare
* Reduce health costs
Ø Constraints
* Echography is an "expert dependant" technique 
n To provide a diagnosis, the expert needs to combine his/her knowledge of the anatomy, of ultrasound probe orientations and analysis of an ultrasound image
n Difficulty to have an non specialist manipulating the probe at a distance by following the position and orientation information provided by the ultrasound expert 




Proposed solution:

Ø Transfer the medical gestures on the patient site by using a probe holder robot hled on
       the patient's body by a paramedical asistant





From spatial application to pilot sites deployment:


Estele prototype, CeTEl 2007 - deployment in the french Center Region

Credits : robosoft, Univ Orleans & Tours

Satellite ship to shore world premiere -

Egide MARTE 2008

Universities partners: Orleans, Technology Cyprus, Tours,Cyprus univ - Industrial Partner : Robosoft,

Clinical partners : Bourges & Nicosia Hospitals